Clark Malcolm Greene's Memoirs: DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards and
Things I Only Did Once!
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    Clark Malcolm Greene’s    
 Companion Memoirs 

DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards-A Memoir, and
Things I Only Did Once-Growing-Up Stories

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Cover of “DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards-A Memoir”
shows me when I’m about 3 ½ with Patch, my Airedale &
Otto. (Thanks to Mom, Dorothee, for taking this photo!)

Cover of “Things I Only Did Once-Growing-Up Stories shows me with my Irish Terrier, Buttons.
(Thanks to my wife, Paula Jean, for taking this photo!)

       "DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards-A Memoir"
                                     by Clark Malcolm Greene 


Clark and his Airedale puppy, Patch, grow up around Lake Erie in a time when every boy loves
his dog and everyone knows the rules. Patch at first doesn't appear to hold the life of her young
master in her jaws, but time proves otherwise.

Soon grown grand in body and spirit, Patch commands attention wherever she goes and she
knows it. Savior, teacher and rescuer to most, some see the brave dog as unruly. She is both;
gentle and loving, but reckless in fury when need be and just as likely to snatch dinner tidbits
or battle skunks as she is to protect Clark from out-of-control adults and a pack of wild dogs.

Their days are filled with fun and adventure, but Patch and Clark also bounce between grace and
guilt. Knowing the rules doesn't always mean compliance, despite the efforts of those around
them. They find a corpse on the shores of Lake Erie, suffer the aftermath of the dead fish Patch
finds irresistible, play a tragic ball game, keep frightening secrets and adventure about in a life-
time full of uncommon escapades. Explore how the love between a boy and his dog replicates
the beauty and bitter sweetness of life, of innocence and adulthood.

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       "Things I Only Did Once, Growing-Up Stories"
                                         by Clark Malcolm Greene 

Clark Greene has written another compilation of stories of his growing up days in Monroe,
Michigan in the 1950's and 1960's. "Things I Only Did Once-Growing-Up Stories," is more
about Clark and his family and friends and their relationships, although many stories include
his beloved dog, Patch, the Airdale Terrier. The writing is just as skilled and the storytelling is
just as compelling as his companion Memoir, "DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards." The reader
will find himself right there with Clark as he rides the stormy waves on his grandfather's fish-
ing boat, as he runs from the bull on his uncle's farm, and as he lives out a "dream date" with
a famous singer. An entirely enjoyable book and I highly recommend it.

Miss Mathis, Monroe, MI USA

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